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Vehicle Stock Check Solution

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the StockPulse mobile app is fast and simple to use

StockPulse takes care of the matching process, automatically recognising duplicate scans and matching to other sites stock

As soon as scanning is complete, results are available to review

With full audit backup contained within the app, management can remotely review the stockcheck, and quickly identify any repeat or common issues

About StockPulse

StockPulse is an intelligent vehicle stock check solution built specifically for the automotive industry.

The mobile app enables users to quickly and easily scan vehicle registration plates and / or VINs, even in areas with no phone signal.

With built in GPS capture, it's easy to identify where every vehicle is, who scanned it and when.

StockPulse can be configured to connect to any data source, including all DMS's, third-party confirmation reports such as offsite-storage and transit, auction and WIP reports.

StockPulse's sophisticated matching engine intelligently deals with duplicated scans, matches up scans to stock records both onsite and between sites, and also uses third-party reports to then clear down any exceptions, automatically. This then allows fast management focus on any remaining issues, in real time.

Comprehensive reports allow trends and issues to be analysed, as well as tracking of vehicles around a group over time, exception reporting of any 'repeat offenders' and fully remote review and signoff of stock checks including any backup evidence for unmatched scans or stock items.

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Should that car be in stock?!

How quickly do you currently complete your stockcheck process?

Since the creation of in 1997, used car merchandising has changed massively. Most dealers have now transitioned from vinyl price stickers on windscreens through manually listing stock on used car sites to now automatically creating website listings directly from DMS stock records.

Many dealers have also now moved onto digital pricing using online pricing tools, whilst rapid stock turn has become the key to maximising the returns from your used car operation. Speed to market leads to quicker turns and higher volumes.

Yet the majority of dealers still use the same manual stockcheck process that they've been using since 1997. The clipboard may have been replaced with a smartphone for taking photos, but everything after this point is still a manual reconciliation process in excel, with the results filed away locally in a paper file.

Great process drives both efficiency and profitability

StockPulse provides central visibility of problems on day one of the stock check, across the whole group. Common breakdowns in process can quickly be identified and corrected, ensuring vehicles show up in stock quicker, and hence are merchandised more quickly and accurately.

As dealers adapt to changing opportunities in the market, StockPulse ensures everyone is working together, with accurate information.

Faster, easier stock checking shifts the stock check from being a compliance requirement to being a vital operational tool

With significant savings of time vs a traditional excel based stock check, StockPulse enables groups to move to a more frequent stock check interval, which can further help to drive stock turns and volumes.

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We are proud to work with some of the leading dealer groups

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